Pa Komente

What Are Data Systems?

Data systems are platforms that store and manage data. They organize and structure the raw data to enable it to be accessible and use when needed. They include data warehouses, databases and data lakes, as and other storage systems that store raw data in either a unstructured or structured format.

Spacecrafts create an unending flow of information which needs to be processed and then downlinked to Earth. Data systems are responsible for regulating the technologies that go into a spacecraft’s onboard information system. They also receive telecommands from ground to control the spacecraft and return the telemetry.

Governments utilize data systems to efficiently provide services to citizens. They also aid them to discover opportunities and challenges, make informed policy decisions and improve their operation. Data systems are used by business organizations to run their business and develop products. They also depend on them for marketing, research and customer analytics. People depend on information systems, often internet-based, to manage their daily lives and use them to socialize and study, as well as shop.

Data systems need to be able to support an ever-increasing volume of information, and different types of data. This requires new ways to organize, collect and share data, as well more advanced technology. In the near future we may witness more unified data environments built on data fabric and mesh structures that allow you to integrate data sources while maintaining security and privacy.

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