Pa Komente

The Benefits of a Remote Work Business Policy

The massive increase in remote work during the pandemic was a direct response to a temporary health emergency, but a large number of our region’s businesses continue to permit large proportions of their employees to telecommute after the pandemic. This is a good thing.

For organizations and businesses which value employee engagement, having a comprehensive remote work policy is a crucial approach to take into consideration. If employees feel valued and valued, they are more likely to be committed to the company’s objectives. Additionally, the possibility to telecommute during times emergencies, shutdowns, or disasters ensures business continuity.

Remote work can be an effective way to draw and keep top talent. In fact, research shows that companies that have flexible schedules see lower turnover and higher engagement rates than those who do not have them. Additionally, it allows companies to save money on overhead expenses by reducing the cost of utilities, real estate and office supplies.

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