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Emerging Technologies in Business Management for 2024

Software for managing business operations in technology helps with analytics, planning and forecasting, budgeting, and cost tracking. It also assists with billing, value measurement, and risk management. TBM is often used in conjunction with information technology asset management tools and governance, risk & compliance platforms to provide the full picture of an enterprise’s technology business.

TBM also offers a framework to align the goals of an IT function with those of an organization. In this way, it can help avoid the lateral consequences that can arise when changes in technology are implemented without understanding its business and human implications. Deloitte’s TBM approach is unique in the industry because it addresses the entire IT value loop end to end and not just a few components, like those other vendors provide.

Emerging technologies in business administration for 2024 include Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which allows businesses to automate tasks that are otherwise difficult or impossible to scale manually, offering greater efficiency and accuracy than ever before. Virtual and Augmented Reality will also have a significant impact on the management of business. This is because VR/AR will aid in employee training as well as enhance the customer experience.

If you’re looking to pursue the field of business management, you might consider pursuing an associate degree in the field. Our program will allow you to take on an array of supervisory positions in various industries that include manufacturing, small-business finance, banking and distribution. It will also provide an excellent foundation for further study in a variety Baccalaureate programs.

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