Pa Komente

What You Need to Know About Access Control

Access control is a key element of any security framework whether you’re protecting secrets from the military or writing the script for the newest episode of your hit TV show. It’s designed to prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing resources that could cause harm or damage. Avi Chesla is a cybersecurity expert, states that “any company with employees connected to the internet – or in other words, every business today needs some form of control over access.”

Access control systems are remote computer systems that can read credentials and take one or more from this source triggered actions (unlocking the doors, or notifying the staff on duty) depending on the situation and the person using. These systems have the ability to connect with your security management platform to exchange data and control.

There are many kinds of access control, but the one you choose will depend on your security needs and the sensitivity of the information you are processing. Companies that require high levels security for their data tend to choose more rigid models, like MAC. The ones who value flexibility and flexibility in access rights are more likely to choose RBAC or DAC systems.

The ease of use is a key aspect. If your access control technology is difficult to use, it’s more likely for employees to evade or misuse the technology–which could lead to security flaws and violations of compliance. It’s also important to establish strict monitoring and reporting to ensure that any changes in the way your business operates are spotted immediately. In the absence of this, you’ll be in the dark about security holes and weaknesses.

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