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Avast VPN Review

If you’re just beginning to learn about VPNs, Avast’s apps are a breeze to begin. The service gives you a seven-day full-featured trial without asking for credit card information. There are no limitations on servers or data. The app has a simple interface and a clean, intuitive layout. The program comes with additional options like the ability to manage passwords and Cleanup premium. This can speed up your computer through the elimination of junk files.

The Avast VPN review app shows your original and VPN IP addresses, and hovering over the last octet on the address will show a pop-up explaining the meaning of each octet (it can identify up to 255 devices). It’s a nice touch that will benefit users of the service, but it’s not enough to make it into our top list of best Avast VPNs.

Avast SecureLine has 700+ servers spread across 34 countries, and it has anti-geo-blocking capabilities which can help overcome pricing discrimination in streaming services and government censorship. The application is compatible with P2P and mobile apps optimized both for iOS and Android. Avast lets you install the software on up to 10 devices, but you can only connect two devices at a time.

The Avast VPN review is available on Windows, MacOS and Android. It also comes with a built in browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. The desktop apps are amazing with support for OpenVPN and beta support for WireGuard and a kill switch to ensure that your connection is never dropped. Avast’s security products have a reputation for being reliable however, its history of selling data collected through its antivirus browser extensions makes me hesitant. However, the company does promise not to store your original IP address or DNS queries browsing history, and its privacy policy is clear and straightforward.

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